Clean Modern Interior Ideas Of A Detached House

building a home interior ideas in style, the contemporary is interesting to see. Here we see what has been added in the collection of interior design clean detached house in Warsaw, based by tamizo Architects. have serene on entirely modern lifestyle, and a clear vision of the wide open spaces of black and white color scheme. contrast that always managed to captivate with monochrome, but beautiful, just look. bean bag in the living room, and a slim black stand light, like a weed flowers, only in black color. It also looks similar to the natural plant, thanks to the different heights of the lamp stand apart in the lighting angle chosen. also thanks to the warm living space with wood burning fireplace modern materials. but they are also complete with L shape on the sofa, gray and beige area rug, to the possibility of enjoying the entertainment unit, also in view of the courtyard through the glass-windowed wall. Continue reading

Michael Jordan Built $16 million Mansion House

This is a basketball player who was widely known, with outstanding ability and chose the jersey number is 23. is Michael Jordan, who has built a mansion house, which is a super luxurious interior design by applying charming. we can find plenty of living space is provided with the ability of accommodation many visitors. This also would not be surprising when it first comes, you will be greeted by showing your favorite jersey number, which is installed at the gate with a metal trellis. Continue reading