Cheerful Emotion On Beach Color Apartment Decor Accents

This time, we bring design, which will trigger joyful emotions, thanks to the application of your color palette, in two different apartments. the second project, although we do not find that the white color scheme is dominating, which is given with wood color accents , the cast and each providing a combination of colors that add warmth and beach atmosphere of joy for display.

see when visiting the living room, which comes with an open plan, while letterbox fireplace also applied to accompany the beige sofa and gray background, while for the coffee table and polished natural wood with a circular rug. This is the living room which has an entertainment unit with flat screen TV, and the walls are lined with natural wood background. yellow swivel chair, which is illuminated with a swag floor lamp, and a window in the lid with the beige curtain.

the bathroom is minimalist to the apartment, which is the limit on niche shower systems, premises is a glass room divider, and also with a box shape in the rain shower head. for wash basin, drums come with accessories that accompany the green in the mirror and also ran under a heated chrome towel. white bathtub corner, it is shaped and fitted in the corner, comes with a curved taps, which is in chrome. while on the walls with white, accented with a given pattern, but the floor is applied, is a natural wood. Another one is to design a twin basin vanity and wooden shelves, which also provides space for a towel rack.

bedrooms located on the corner of the house plan, which has a direct access door to exit the house. while for the interior, they put up a platform bed, and wood accents as a bed head, and build a bedside table.