Contemporary And Spacious City Dwelling Interior Ideas

bring a very smart layout and built as apartments being leveled as a home for a young family, this spacious apartment is. This apartment is a contemporary gem, which has been set in the historical background of the center of Dnepropetrovsk, which has impressive views of the great river Dnepr, which lay beneath. comes from the collection SVOYA Studio, who has designed this apartment to be divided into two regions, by providing the features is the adult child’s bedroom and sleep. Their features are also equipped with dressing room and bathroom, while the other comes as a feature of the second design, is a living room with an open plan, which consists of a restaurant kitchen is spacious and comfortable lounge.

kitchen cabinets and island, comes in a color scheme that big shiny white ice, which is separated by a wall of glossy entertainment, which aims to divide the path from the bedroom to the living room in a perfect way. create storage space in the kitchen by providing lots of extra storage, thanks to the double-banked wall units. see also attached to the dining room, which comes with a set of dining furniture is white, while also accompanied by a run of interesting pendant lights, black in color. besides looking at the dining room, we can visit the living room, which has a collection of comfortable modular sofas in black, which is located on the kitchen bar area. This gives the possibility for such a great gathering space with a lot of friends.

see also coming in the bedroom, design, which has a bathroom suite with a black curtain, which in a modern style. in the bedroom, we found the bed furniture is white, while for comforters, given a slightly different accent color to a neutral impression, is adjusted with beige curtains on the windows. for the work area, we see that the table accompanied spotlights sleek curved, and white storage units, such as the overall color of the furniture.