Michael Jordan Built $16 million Mansion House

This is a basketball player who was widely known, with outstanding ability and chose the jersey number is 23. is Michael Jordan, who has built a mansion house, which is a super luxurious interior design by applying charming. we can find plenty of living space is provided with the ability of accommodation many visitors. This also would not be surprising when it first comes, you will be greeted by showing your favorite jersey number, which is installed at the gate with a metal trellis.

masculine space and sports center with basketball court space is bright, thanks to the perfect lighting, also with a few other surprises, such as the design of the bedroom, which provides a platform bed furniture. the bedroom also leave little room, an office with a desk for sleek, white and chairs, also with curved walls and windows to access natural light. decorating the bedroom is also unique with tassels are full color, which blend with the wall color is beige theme.

around the house built with extensive gardens and fish ponds, also some of the features inside and outside this room really fancy, which, according to estimates at the market price, is in the range of $ 16 million dollars, and seemed to have a surprising return in 2012, which was at the price of $ 29 million back. features that you will find there, is included with 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 4 half – bath, a home gym that is very impressive, with a capacity of 14 car garage, this is quite impressive you?.