Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design By Comprex

beautiful house is always full with a selection of impressive features, such as by installing a well appointed kitchen which in house chef for the right choice. it’s like seeing a dream come true, by providing kitchen neighbor posting with smooth lines and a sleek. the Italian kitchen designers Comprex , which actually provide furniture design by providing an opportunity for a modern aesthetic. This is a minimalist kitchen cabinet and provides a hidden storage as a great feature. when looking at the airy room, it looks a little empty on the interior accents and decor, it is proved that they are really slim.

look what came as color schemes and shapes truly modern, the design of the kitchen island and the cabinet. when that comes on the kitchen island with cabinets that are red and natural color, also with a beige and white. but also charming accents paired with bar stools are also red. when looking at the design of the cabinet is in line with what they apply on the sideboard with a natural wood color and there are also several color schemes, such as the gray, red or white also. entertainment unit comes in an open plan space with some space features, such as the living room, kitchen or even the entertainment unit.

kitchen appliances are neatly organized storage solution thanks to floating on the wall that the color scheme is red. but see also what comes in the color combination of the kitchen cabinet is also in a lot of options, such as the red, or gray, also with natural color of wood and white. for decoration lighting, come to the dining area is the pendant in shape and play some glossy color scheme and modern acrylic. see also the pendant light in white or chrome bowl, combined with gorgeous kitchen chimney.